Through my years of experience working with flowers I have learned that combination of colors is essential to achieve a beautiful design. My first recommendation for you will be to choose a vase accordingly with the occasion; If the vase is Black, gold, clear, cream, white or silver, it will facilitate the combinations of colors because they are neutral, which can be used with any other color without changing the effect that you are trying to achieve. If you choose any other color vase make sure that you include some flowers that have the same color as the vase. In floral design we can combine colors that may be a mismatch in other type of art. For instance you can combine hot pink with orange, red and yellow together and it looks great, however, in clothing may be hideous mix. The easiest color plan to pull off is probably the monochromatic color scheme which is simply combining shades of a single color together to create an arrangement. Other ways of color combination will be to use analogous colors which are those that are next to each other on the color wheel. The 6 major analogous colors on the color wheel include red and orange, orange and yellow, yellow and green, green and blue, blue and violet, and violet and red. Analogous colors can go beyond two colors, groups of red, orange, and yellow or blue, violet and red can also be considered analogous colors. If you want a bright floral design you can combine analogous with complimentary colors which they are opposite to each other on the color wheel. An example of complimentary color pairs are violet and yellow, red and green, and orange and blue. The third color scheme that I recommend to use for your flower design it is the color triad that is created by drawing an equilateral triangle connecting 3 colors in the color wheel for instance red, yellow and blue are a triad and violet, orange, and green are a triad. Also, you can mix light colors together for instance white, light pink, peach, pastel green, and beige. On the other hand, you can use bright color such as yellow, dark purple, lime green, red, fuchsia, and orange. Also, you can combine light with bright colors like lilac, fuchsia, light pink, white, and orange. Choosing colors and combining them can be tricky since we have a broad variety of flowers with different colors, however, I am pretty sure that these tips are going to help you just as much they helped me. Good luck!!