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Divin Le Bouquet is a delivery company specializing in flowers arrangements made into an individual art piece. Composed of handcrafted and luxury gift boxes made of premium materials and exclusive flowers, for a clientele that is aware of the innovations and appreciates the beauty of flowers. We offer an elegant, versatile and sophisticated style of gifting flowers.

Our Mission is to serve the entire DFW metro area and offer the best in customer service. Divin Le Bouquet strives to make unique pieces designed by us, or can be fulfilled to the customer’s imagination.

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Facts About Roses

The first rose fossil it was found 35 million ago. The word rose comes from French, from which the word comes from the Latin rosa. When used in endearment, rosa means “love”. In Roman high society women used petals much like currency believing that they could banish...

How To Combine Colors To Make Arrangement

Through my years of experience working with flowers I have learned that combination of colors is essential to achieve a beautiful design. My first recommendation for you will be to choose a vase accordingly with the occasion; If the vase is Black, gold, clear, cream,...

Mother’s Day

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of Mother's Day comes from? Mother’s day is celebrated around the world in different ways and in different days. One of the earliest historical records of a celebration of Motherhood was Matronalia, the ancient roman...


We also make special wedding boxes, and event decorations for companies, Baby showers or private parties. Please feel free to tell us your story, and we’ll create the perfect event decoration. From personalized letters and shapes formed out of beautiful luxury roses, it is our priority to create what your mind desires to make your special day unforgettable. Just book a free appointment with us and we discuss your needs to make your dream decoration come true!

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